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2019/01/11 OFGR Coolant Face Grooving Holder

OFGR series Coolant Face Grooving Holder

The world's first coolant thru spindle design coolant face grooving

Design Feature

Minimum processing range: Φ40
Maximum processing range:Φ999
Patent new product OFGR series
Didn’t need to dismounting the tool block, can faster positioning to use
 Can make internal face grooving.
 Shrank Diameter 32
 Overall Length 125
 Processing Width 5
 Tip distance 21
No need to waste your time dismantle the tool block!!
Inserts for ECH500-ECM100
Processing on Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron
To meet your cutting terms, if you have any opinions or questions, please contact us.

    OFGR Coolant Face Grooving Holder